Many others replaced some basic bolts?

I have replaced all the bolts that have the Phillips head screws with stainless steel alan key style bolts. i.e the ones holding the radiator shrouds and the two that hold the front sprocket cover and chain guide etc.... Any other suggestions for replacements? I have found the quality of some of the nuts and bolts less than satisfactory hnce slowly replacing them as I go.

I did a third-party survey for the WR early this year. This is one of the things I mentioned that needed improvement.

Some other weak bolts-coil, rear master cylinder/frame guide, countershaft cover.

My upper TC bolts seemed soft, too.

I also stripped both front master cylinder screws. Never done that before, I'm always very careful with these, too!

Just buy yourself one of the grade 8 bolt kits for motorcyles and replace as you go. Cheaper in the long run.

Who sells these grade 8 kits?

yeah I must say I've never heard of these kits before? Whats the G-O?

I replaced the front wheel clamp bolts, they can strip quite easily.


WR426 Power!

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