XR 600 emissions test failure

2000 XR600 won't pass emissions; hydrocarbon readings OK but it fails carbon monoxide at all three idle test portions of the test. So far have put on new air cleaner, cleaned the spark arrestor, adjusted the valves. No help. Apparently, the carburetor has no idle mixture adjust screw. Anyone have an explanation or cure?

well if it doesnt have a mixture screw you might wanna go ahead and rejet it. would just turning the idle down work?

Emissions test on an off road motorcycle?

What in thee hell are you doing?

Time for a new powerband! :banghead:

Time for a new powerband! :banghead:

go for the red one :banghead:

Time for a new powerband! :banghead:

i would reccomend the green one for street riding.....pluss check out the sales lady......shes a real looker.


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