Tank Question

I was wondering, if the WR400 2000 has the same tank as the 99 yz 400 but with reserve.

I own a YZ400 99 an my friend has this WR400 2000 and he says that the tanks are identical, they look the same but I think his is bigger.

Is that correct?? :banghead:


They are identical.

Does this mean you can use a 99yz seat?

Does this mean you can use a 99yz seat?

If the tanks are the same as joe_hru5656 says it will work perfect

I have a 2000 wr400 I changed the seat and tank to the YZF style. My understanding is the yzf will fit but is smaller than the wr (I changed mine to a oversized YZF style from Clarke :banghead::banghead: ) YOU DO need to change the seat if you make the swap.

YZ and WR seats are totally different in the 2000 vintage. Having just switched to the YZ seat tank combo, I can tell you that it has to be a pair, as WR will not work with YZ.

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