Need Parts For 03 650l

I had a bit of a trailer mishap last weekend and as a result need some parts. In an effort to make the best out of a crappy situation I will look at this as an upgrade opportunity. Anyway I need the plastic that goes around the headlight, the turnsignal/light switch, the tail light and the cover for the battery box. My upgrade opportunity will be mainly with the tail light. If anyone has some good (legal) options please let me know. I could even use a stock one for now to get me by. If you have or know where I can get these parts please let me know.

BTW-nothing broke when the bike fell out of the trailer and I was still able to go riding all day. It helps that I was only doing 10 mph when the tiedown came off.

Bummer. I have almost had that happen. Now I am the guy with way to many straps on his trailer. Mine just fell over and I should have checked it. I did one side and somebody else did the other. Never again. Just because someone has a nicer bike than you does not mean they actually know what they are doing.

Do a quick search for taillight in this forum as it comes up often. Baja Designs and Dennis Kirk have them as well as a few others.

For the other stuff you might as well keep your eye on Ebay.

Thanks for the info. I may go with one of those cool headlights. The tail light may be replaced by one from XR's only.

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