WR 400 or WR 426

What is the top speed of both these bike and witch one would be better for highway use. Will I have enought throttle left to pass on the highway. And which one has better handling.

The 426 is a newer model and is bound to be slightly better overall but the steel valves in the 400 would be better in the long term for highway use. They are both fast, just find the best condition bike for the best deal and you can't go wrong.

Gearing.......... you can probably put 15T countershaft sprocket on either one and mess with the rear to get the top speed you are looking for. I own a 400 and a 450, if you are going to do a lot of mileage the 400 and it's steel valves will require less top end work. Either one will work, like Wildride said, get the best bike for the best price

I'd go with a 426 because its more refined. The top speed of both bikes is about 90mph. Regearing will help.

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