Fuel leak

I have an 02 426. It's been sitting for about a month, rode it last night to a neighbors and I was talking to him when I smelled fuel. It was leaking out of the lines coming from the carb that extend below the lower part of the frame but enough to put a puddle below the bike. Does that mean I have a jet stuck open?

Is it coming out of the ventline that comes out of the bottom of the bowl? If it is make sure that allen screw is tight. If the screw is tight, then your fuel level could be too high. That hose lets fuel out of the bowl if it is too high. Check your float level, and the needle and seat. There could be dust or it could be worn. It had happened to me before on my 250f. Hope it helps.

id say your float is stuck open

I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. What has probably happened is:

If you take the carb off, the four screws on bottom of carb out and remove the bowl you will find the float which moves up and down pivioting on a pin (which you can remove eaisly). Under the float attached will be the plunger which allows gas to flow into the bowl. So when the bowl gets full the float rises and pushes the plunger into the fuel inlet to stop it. When your bike sits long enough gas will dry up leaving a brown powder-like substance in the bowl (which has probly gotten in-between the plunger's rubber tip and the inlet. Take some carb cleaner, maby a paperclip (used very carefully),and or compressed air to clean it out. Also remove any and all jets, hoses, ect, and clean out entire carb while you are at it. Next time drain fuel from bowl (screw at very bottom) before a long storage period. Hope this helps. Let us know!

Thanks to all who responded. Unfortunately I'm busy for at least the next week and won't be able to get to it but I'll take it apart eventually and let you know if I find brown powder.

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