Aftermarket cams??

Is there anyone using a aftermarket cam in a xr 80 ,my son has an 01 and we have done several hopup mods and it has helped alot, but you know how it goes with power(you just can't get enough). So we are thinking of tring a hipo cam??

im not using one in a xr80 but i do have one in my xr400 and it freakin rocks. its a hotcams stage 3 its by far the best mod next to my iCAT that i have done to my bike. buy a cam for sure

Do a big bore first, then the cam.

webcam or megacam.... Powroll makes one....

Put a 100 motor in the frame... and sell the 80 on ebay...

I'm running a Hotcam in my XR80 made a difference in the mid range and a bit up top. Hotcams allows you to utilize the stock springs. Look on Ebay there are usually some on there cheap. I may be switching to a Web cam and springs in the near future as they offer three different grinds. I also went to a 95cc big bore which helps.

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