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Just wanted some input on this plan:

Day 1 (Tuesday) - "Push" routines: benches, tricep pull downs, etc...

Targeting chest, triceps, and deltoids

1/2 hour cardio

Day 2 (Wednesday) - "Pull" routines: curls, high and low rows, lat pull downs.

Targeting back, biceps

1/2 hour cardio

Day 3 (Thursday) – 1 hour cardio only

Day 4 (Friday) – Legs: squats, seated calf-raise, extensions, curls.

1/2 hour cardio

Day 5 (Saturday) – Rest

Day 6 (Sunday) – Rest

Day 7 (Monday) – 1 hour cardio only

I adapted this from WheelsUp's first post here

Specifically looking for more "Push" routines


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here's what i do

monday: chest

tuesday : shoulder back

wendesday : tries and bies


friday legs

sat: off

sun: off

then i run 4 miles everyday :banghead:

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Day 1 - Chest and Back

Day 2 - Shoulders and triceps

Day 3 - Biceps and legs


Sunday is rest day.


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Mine is more along the lines of circuit training. I do 12-15 reps on each set. I don't take supplements or diet. I eat healthy for the most part and this has worked for me. While running try and boost the incline and speed from time to time. On the treadmill, I do short bursts of this. This helps in that moto-x and woods racing utilizes alot of explosive enery, such like football players. Endurance is key, NOT how much you can bench. Bench enough to pick that bike up off you and you'll do fine. Build the weights up as you go. I try and do sets that incorporate similar muscle groups used in the rep movement. Try and do you ab sets after the workout as almost all sets require ab usage. They'll burn more this way, trust me.

Mon: Run 3miles then bi's, shoulders, chest, traps & abs

Tue:Run 3miles then legs, tri's & back

Wed:Run 5 miles and some ab work(rest day)

Thurs:Run 3miles in then bi's, shoulders, chest & abs

Fri:Run 3miles then legs, tri's & back

Sat: Just run and sweat off the booze

Sun: Run then go riding

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I do bodybuilding at Washington State University. I'm 6'2", 250 lbs, and 11% BF, and heres my current routine..

Monday -Chest & Tris, 4 lifts on each, each last lift do a burnout to failure.

Tuesday - Legs, 6 lifts total, ending on burnouts w/ calfs

Weds - Cardio and abs, cardio for an hour, and 2-3 sets of abs

Thurs - Back day, about 7 lifts total, focusing on lats, rhombs, traps, and rear delts, last set is burn out.

Friday - Bi's and Shoulders - 4 lifts on each group, each last lift burnout to failure.

Saturday - Cardio and abs again

Sunday - Rest and Ride

Thats a VERY brief version of what I do. If any one needs advice, PM me.

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