How much easier to ride is the 05 from the 03

ok so we know the 03 had the fastest hardest hitting motor... my question is this it was to much for me in 03 and 04 ... i rode the crf 04 450 and it is alot of power but started feelling like maybe i could handle it .. I deff get tired after 15 min motos.... Im coming off a 03 yz250f and am stuck I would like some more power out of it .. Im thinking of getting a new bike and wondering if the yz 450 has smoothed out enough or should i stay with 250f of some color or go with honda 450 .. i almost bought an 04 honda 450 but it got sold on me .. and i know the newer hondas are faster dont know if i can handle it ... the honda i rode deff pulled me around i had to concentrait alot on staying forward.. on my 250f I felt like im throwing it around.. so any thoughts feel free ... If i go yam ill prolly buy 06 I want alum if i can afford it.. thanks

you answered your own question.

not really the prob i have is that im not good enough rider to easily jump the 250f out of tight corners or traffic but on 450 its jsut a blip much safer.. on my bike i often hold it on and it gets sketchy.. so jumping the 450 is easier but riding the 250f is easier.. i really notice it when its real dry and have 6 inches of dust at our practice tracks and the 250 cant find traction or real wet.. the 250 f gets bogged but damn that 450 pulls like hell


Alot easier.

It is down about three horsepower from the '03 model. Thats good news for everyone but maybe Chad Reed.

I'm still waiting for someone to prove that 3 hp deficit. What you really need to look at is the torque numbers off the bottom. Few people can ride a 450 on the rev limiter, everyone else puts around a gear too high and relies on the torque in the bottom end to pull our heavy arses around the track....a wise man once told me that the middle of third is much faster than wrapped out in second, and it's quieter (more deceiving).

I use my 05 like a tractor, and it flies. I get spoiled by the 4 speed and torquey bottom end so much that I have forgotten what shifting is all about. I love my bike. I think it's all what you get used to.

I've ridden an '05 a couple of times, and it was torquey, alright. Not explosive torquey, like mine is, but sort of old school, big gear torquey, and not really very impressive. But then I started to wonder why I was having to brake so hard, and why I kept arriving at places so much sooner than I expected. Very deceiving, indeed. Nice suspension, too.

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