crosthreaded bolt

the other day i accidentally cross threaded the banjo fitting for the oil return line on the right side engine case cover *the hard line that runs from the head to the case cover* does anyone know what size & thread pitch i will need to do a Hellicoil? thanks for the info.

No, not offhand, but to start with, that's a feed line, not a return. That particular bolt is different than the other two, at least on the '03 450. It should be a 10mm or 8mm ISO thread.

You might be able to tap the hole with the current size to straighten the hole out. Sears Craftsman metric taps and a handle to turn it. If your near the NW suburbs of Chicago, let me know as I have them on hand.


You should put some grease on the tap, it will help collect the chips if you don't plan on takeing the head off the bike.

Be very careful if you work with the head on the bike. Any chips that stay in that oil line may likely end up in your cam bearings. :banghead:

well the problem is on the banjo fitting on the right side case cover, no the head. I'm going to drill/tap/ & Helli coil it. I've done this before on another bolt, i just wanted to see if anyone new the bot & pitch info for the Helli coil

I don't know for that particular bolt, but take it with you to the parts store. Go to a store with lots of loose nuts/bolts and match one up to the bolt then check out what thread you have. Good luck!

I stripped that same bolt on my old 400. Luckily I had another side case/cover laying around from a granaded WR that I was able to swap out.

Any hardware store will have a thread gauge. You can measure to get the OD.

This bolt is a 10x1.25 The ones one the head and transmission are 8x1.25

Like sirthumpalot said, you'd better pull the cover to install the heli-coil. This oil line feeds the head and transmission so you don't want any obstructions there! Not for the price of a gasket!

thanks for the help guys, i really appreciate it. I'll pull the case cover off to do the work, i already have a spear gasket for reinstalling the cover. :banghead:

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