white bros e series slip on?

I just bought a 2000 xr600 with 25 miles on it and I am about to do some mods. Does any one have any experience with the white bros e-2 series slip on? My choices for exhaust are the fmf power core 4, white bros e-2, the supertrap IDS2, big gun, stain tune and possibly the up-tite systems. These will all be slip ons. Which one will give the best performance without being obnoxiously loud. I live in Connecticut and would like to keep the db level below 102 if possible. I will be adding and edelbrock pumper carb, one of these mufflers, and a new airbox/filter to be determined. Any help on the exhaust and air filter would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully someone has the exact bike and can speak from experience. Thanks alot.

I would suggest you consider the original WB E-Series, price and fit should be much better. My body just put the new WB E2 on his bike tonight, and I went to check it out. It sticks out the back pretty far, too far for my comfort. And its about as loud as me E-series.

I would say buy the original E and add the quiet-core insert to get in the 96-98db range.

mi' dos' peso's


My brother runs an E2 on his 1996 XR600. It tests right at 96db, but it sounds louder to me than 96db. He is happy with it but it was on the bike when he bought it so he doesn't have anything to compare it to. Overall quality looks good on the pipe.

does it stick out too far more than other pipes?

I never noticed the pipe sticking out too far. Next time I see the bike I'll try to take a pic of it. Everything seems "proportioned".

25 miles eeh? i think u got P.I.M.P.E.D. u sure it aint 25,000?

100% absolutley positive. You should see this thing. It is literally showroom new

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