GYT-R Ty Davis Tank (dbl. post from YZ side).

(Sorry for the double post to WR & YZ side, but given the popularity of the Ty Davis tank I thought a lot of people would be interested.)

I was looking at the GYT-R site from the rally guard mounts post and saw this tank:


From the description and picture it looks to be based on, or identical to, the IMS Ty Davis tank. I remember a few guys (Vincent WR400 for one) had problems with the petcock mounting threads. I wonder who is making this product for Yamaha? Are they just selling the same part?

For $230 (dry break included, blue or opaque) I think someone here should try this thing out (I already have an IMS).

That looks more like the Acerbis tank rather than the Ty Davis tank. Acerbis has the same dry break carrier on theirs.


Yep...thats the Acerbis tank. Its the one I ended up buying and I love it.

It fits great, is slim, and the aluminum filler cap looks trick too.

It also has dual petcocks so you get all the gas from both sides.

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