steering stabilizer + renthal bars?

I have an 05 Wr 450 with the stock Renthal bars that they come with is there a stabilizer that i can use with these bars or do i have to get pro tapers or something other than my renthals?


WER steering dampers will work, their Aussie too!

When I put my set of Renthals on with a Scotts' stabilizer I removed the crossbar and bent it with a sledgehammer in the shape of a flattened "U". :banghead:

I bent it in such a way that the bar bends over and in front of the Scotts' Stabilizer

It works fine and protects the stabilizer from your chest and visa versa.

Just make sure that you keep the bolts tight on the crossbar. Too much flex will weaken the bar.

RTT makes a stabilizer that replaces the upper tripple clamp. They make ones for big bars as well as normal ones.

Here's old photo of my bike, renthal fatbar and GPR 2.0 stabilizer....


Hi Newzealandwr450

Did you manage with the steering damper on your WR? I have the same problem. :banghead:

Renthal makes a bent crossbar to clear stabilizers...check their website. It might be Scotts that makes it, don't recall.

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