Fair price for 650R stock Wheels...

What do you guys think is a fair price for a set of stock wheels in good shape?


Just the wheels? Or laced up with hubs and tires?

The rims are laced up to the stock hubs. They have the rotors. The tires/sprockets are marginal;, and honestly having to demount them almost seems like it should lower the cost.


I just bought a set from a L with new tires and tubes new rear rotor and sprocket, no front rotor for 150.00 plus shipping. I don't know if this helps but thats what I got a set for .


I think you got a damn good deal toomaker I was gonna say for two stock sets laced with rotors, about $300. The stock hubs are relatively cheap though, compared to other OEM parts(exhaust canister, $500-brake pedal, $112etc.).

I've been pricing parts to build my own wheel and it looks like about $500+ when it's all said and done with rotors. A clean set of "R" wheels are worth at least $500. The "L" wheels are cheap because there isn't much call for them and there is a lot out there. I think the XR600 will fit so that adds to the wheel pool.

I watch ebay all the time and a rear wheel can sell for $350 and a front $200 (thats what I paid with a bent rim) up to $250 or so. Mine was a complete wheel that was a race spare from a Baja 1000 racer. I need to spend a $100 for a new rim when I get a chance. I just installed new Black Excels rims on my stock set.

I agree $500 for a used set is a good price. I sold a rear for 200 awhile back with no rotor.

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