which tire is "best"????

I am looking for feedback on what tires have been run on the XR 650 and what is best. I ride out in the mojave desert and do the local D-37 H&H's and GP's so basically I ride sand, rock, hardpack with peagravel on top and the occasional rain soaked desert. Has anyone tried the new Dunlop 952's, How are they???? I am wanting to try them but have heard nothing about how they have been, even from Steve Hengeveld who runs Dunlops.

I have run these tires multiple times: IRC M5B (great tire but chunks in rocks and tall knobs "walk" in hardpack turns), IRC VE-33/35 (cheap & long lasting but feel "skatey" up front), Michelin S-12 REAR ONLY(favorite rear but spendy, excellent feel all around and predictable in hardpack but pricey!) and I have also run a Dunlop 755 & 756 FRONT'S (good all aroung tires but seem to wear fast!) I am about to throw on a set of Maxxis Desert IT's but heard that they are just as sketchy as the IRC's on hardpack but wear extremely well. The rear IT is also a boat anchor, but is that really noticed????? I think that a rear tire comes second in line to the importance of the front tire and really haven't experimented outside of the Dunlop 755/756 and the IRC VE-35 that I have both run for years. To save me the hassle of buying crap tires or skidding on my backside, what set-up have you had success with?????????

Thanks, BRIAN

Try the Pirelli MT16. They have an 18 mm tread depth, a stiff sidewall and wear like steel! They will walk on turns where traction is not the best. Because of the stiff sidewall they are not fun to mount, takes lots of Simple Green to get them on.

I'm going to try the Dunlop 739 next to see if it cures the walk on turns.

Riding in the low desert, I used to run Michelin M-12 fronts and S-12 rears on all of my bikes, as the S-12 wore very well for a soft-terrain tire and had consistent grip even when it was worn down. However, at the suggestion of several people on TT, I tried running a Kenda Carlsbad front/Millville 120 rear combo on my XR650R with excellent results. They last much longer than the Michelin combo, don't chunk as much and seem to have better high-speed stability, at the expense of some low-speed traction. I was a bit surprised to see how much they cost (I didn't think of Kenda as a premium tire maker) in the Parts Unlimited catalog (something like $70f/$80r :banghead:), but Rocky Mountain MC has them for $30 for the front and $42 for the rear which ain't bad.

On a side note, CycleGear sometimes runs sales on their Michelin tires. We had a Cyclegear shop open up in San Diego a while back, and all of their M-12's and S-12's were ~$40 for fronts and ~$45 for rears, which was a heck of a deal.

I think for your desert riding you need what I run, the Teraflex. My new one (2nd) just got dropped of by UPS today, gonna install by the weekend.

Its a great tire for sure and last 2-3x longer than anything comparable.

I'm running a 756 on the front and Maxxis IT on the rear now. I'm going to try set of 952's for my next set. I have been seeing some good reviews of the 952's here on TT. I wouldn't be scared of trying out the Pirelli's someone else mentioned either. I am running Pirelli MT32's on my YZ and they are holding up great but it has only been on the mx track.

Is the Terraflex a DOT as well? Heard some really good things about it.

I still have my fishing line in the pond trying to catch the right front tire but I would have to say that I really like the Maxxis IT for the rear. It is not that expensive and wears real well. I rode a 5 day 1250 mile ride from Calif around Nev. to Utah and back to Calif in June and the Maxxis tire held up real well. Most of our riding was off road. You name it we rode through it. I also ride mostly desert; Cal City, Barstow to Laughlin etc. and the tire works real well for the rear.

Just my .02

Good luck

Is the Terraflex a DOT as well? Heard some really good things about it.

yeah buddy ! :banghead:

The TERROR FLEX! :banghead: Try not wearing a chestprotector and riding behind someone who is launching earth at you with a terror flex......justicedone! :banghead:

Pirelli Is The Best

Pirelli's chunk.

The TERROR FLEX! :lol: Try not wearing a chestprotector and riding behind someone who is launching earth at you with a terror flex......justicedone! :banghead:

True! The beast eats some ground boy :banghead:

Dunlop D739 four stroke up front, 739 AT for the rear.

The front is a little squirrely on hard pack turns, especially at higher speeds, the rear seems to do all right.

Just dial the throttle and go. :banghead:

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