Where to look for signs of wear on a 02' yz426f

Okay, I think I found the bike I want to get but, I was hoping to get some advise from people who already have an 2002 YZ426F.

I'm going to check out the 02' sometime this weekend and while I've bought quads in the past I've never actually bought a used bike from a private seller. Can anyone suggest things to look for that might be indicators of hard riding, abuse or wear. (the seller has told me the bike has only about 25 rides on it and yet he is putting new plastics on the bike before he sells it). :banghead:

Any help would be appreciated.

If the bike doesn't have a skid plate look on the bottom of the frames for damage from hard landings or rocks. If the bike does not have frame guards, is the paint worn off? Check the steering head bearings, with the bike suspended, pull on the forks to see if there is excessive play. Check the wheel bearings for play.

With as little time as he claims, there should be minimal wear.

As far as the "new plastic" goes....this is a fairly inexpensive ploy to help sell the bike...doesn't raise the value, but it does help it sell.

Good luck,

Check the swingarm under the chain guide. The 01 and 02 I believe had a poor fit which allowed a lot of dirt and grit to get under the front chain guide. This led to severe wear in that area near a weld. I have seen pics of cracks in that area from the wear. My WR had the same problem which I fixed with some bicycle inner tube pieces and some shoe goo.

Check brake rotor thickness, clutch engagment point, and frame wear near the pegs. Also, check for decent compression when kicking it over. And if it burns oil right when you start it. These points work for any used bike.

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