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Bayview / Blacktail (pictures)

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Here I go again,

I don't think I've seen any ride reports or pictures from this far east (North Idaho), so I though I'd post a few. There are a few trails very close to where I live (15 min by motorcycle) that I frequent several times each year. I managed to get out for a few hours this last Sunday afternoon and rode the Bayview / Blacktail section in the Sandpoint Ranger District.

This trail head is accessed by a logging road that heads right out of the little town of Bayview on the south end of Lake Pend Oreille.

Looking down on the lake from the logging road on the way to the trail head:


Dang, I love seeing these types of signs!


The view of the lake from a couple different places along the trail. This trail follows the ridge line above the lake and goes over a couple of small peaks called "The Three Sisters". Looking east here.



Nuts! This was the log I was talking with Tom about in the "it's raining..." thread somewhere in here. It really doesn't look like it, but I'm actually going down hill. I couldn't even put the bike on it's kickstand, so I had to lean it against the hill. I briefly pondered trying to go over it, but chickened out. Probably a good thing. This trail crosses several old (mostly grass and brush) logging roads that took me basically right around the log. I wound up back on the trail just down from the log there maybe a half mile or so. I rode back up on the trail just to find out.


Eventually, I'm following the ridge on the west side of it, so here's the view looking west. My house is down in that valley, and you can see the far hills which are just north of Mt. Spokane on the Washington side.


Part of the trail along the way. I didn't really get any pictures of the really rocky parts, but I learned how to deal with rocks when I moved up here from Moscow. There are a couple of really fun sections. ;-) Things tend to be quite a bit more tight, rocky and steep then down there.


Nothing special, just another spot I happend to stop.


The northern end of this section. All I had time for that day. You can go quite a bit further north.


Well, that's where I live. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



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awesome looking trails!!! thank you for posting, great break from work :banghead:

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Yeah, there's a lot of fun ones over here. I've spent a bit of break time looking through a few of your riding pictures too! At some point I need to explore the Reiter area, if it doesn't kill me ;-) It looks pretty fun! I actually grew up (not that I'm done yet) over on that side (Bothell).

Have a great day!

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