HRC plug replacement

I did some new performance mods to my XR650R supermotard: HRC piston,kibblewhite valves (intake 1mm os),Hot Cams stage 2,ported head.

I also bought the HRC raceplug (NGK R7113 -9).Nice ...but it cost a steep 60 euros ( + - $ 72) :banghead:

Is there any other race plug for the XR650R..with a nicer price tag ? :banghead:

Btw: for extended high speed driving (street supermotard riding)and the stage 2 cam (higher revs) ,is it better to run the optional R7113-10 (or equivalent)?


Spark plugs

NGK Double Platinum 4853 PFR7B $11.71

NGK Traditional spark plug 6097 BKR7E $2.24

NGK IX Iridium 6988 BKR7EIX-11 $6.95

Split fire for XR650R

TP392B or SF392D

Thx for the info :banghead:

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