does anyone use a power-now part?

Im wondering if this thing is really worth the $$$. 85 bucks for a piece of tin...

It makes sense I quess, but does it really work??? Oh and what about Ms October??? DAMNN!!!

It does work, by reducing turbulance air after the throttle slide, during partial throttle opening. End result, smoother fuel/air flow through the intake ports. Genious design! So simple, its almost silly! Wish I thought of it!

I dont have the Power-Now insert, but a few friends have it in their 426's and it really really helps low end throttle response, and off idle response. Everyone says get the 'back' insert first (the one AFTER the throttle plate) then get the front one if you still have money left over.

Wish I had one. Might just make my own.

I haven't got one yet, but it is the next thing on my list!

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