WR400 vs. EXC400

Hi, I was just wondering out of curiosity more than anything what your preference is between the EXC400 and WR400. I have a WR400 now and really like the bike, but its a 2000 so its getting a little older, and lately I've been looking around to replace it. Ive always like the KTM, so I was wondering how the two compare. If theres a real big difference I'll try to get the KTM, but I own the WR, so if theres little difference theres no reason to switch. I really like the 400's since I ride only in New England and the power fits our conditions and my size (im 16). The 450s a little too much in the tight woods. How does a Wr400 compare with the Exc400 for performance. The E-button doesnt bother me, so thats not a factory. What is your opinion of the two, or does anyone have time on both and could give an opinion. Im going to post this on the Exc page so i dont get a real biased answer. lol Thanks for all the help. Ed

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