250X Calif. Cam vs. 49 state Cam

I have a Ca. model 05 CRF 250X and I've heard the Ca. bike has a different cam than the 49 state bikes. Does anyone know if this is true and if so would I feel a noticeable difference If I put in a 49 state cam? The reason I ask is I'm not sure If I want to get an aftermarket cam If I was going to lose any bottom end.


Yes, the CA model has a different cam than the 49 state bikes. It would be a cheap upgrade since the cams are about 133 from ServiceHonda.com

I picked up a Hot Cam off eBay for 134 including shipping, instead of the 49 state version. The Hot Cam was designed to give the R more bottom and mid range so it benefits the X overall.


Call Dan Crower at crowerpower.com.

I have a California bike and it comes all choked up from the factory.

Dan will make that thing breathe and come alive like it should.

I promise you that you won't even beleive how good it runs when you pick it up.


Good luck,


See the following site for some specifics on the CA vs 49 cam: http://www.rickramsey.net/CRF250X.htm. The 49 state cam is noticably more powerful than the CA cam. BR8

forget the 49 stater go to the bigger lobes for an easy 4 hp gain.....or the Mammoth 270 kit

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