Factory cracking on downshift/decel

Wut do I need to do about this. Got a thousand miles on my bike and has been doing this since I got it. (05 WR450) I think it sounds cool but not familiar enough with the fourstrokes to know whether or not I am damaging the head etc. Anybody Know? :banghead::banghead::lol:

By the way this bike is plated and rolls the street/sidewalk/ditch/trail almost daily so the decel is sometimes a repetitious thing.

WHAT?!?! Do you mean that it's popping/backfiring? Order the AIS removal kit from the TT store and that should solve your problem. If that's what you're talking about.

try a 48 pilot , buy an adjustable fuel screw set it to 1.75 turns and buy the adjustable 04 needle and put it in clip #4. :banghead:

My header was offline from the dealers, air leaks in the exhaust system can cause

cracking, but I would go for a #48 pilot or even #50 pilot.

Get a zip ty fuel mixture screw if you haven't got one, it saves a lot of pain.

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