Cycras Twisting My Bars

I've been complaining about a weird sensation with my steering for a month or so, and I believe I've found the source. I've got a set of Cycra ProBends with the triple clamp mounts and some Pro Taper Woods High bars that are a bit narrower than the other bends. When I attach the Cycras, they don't line up with the bar ends perfectly, so I've been flexing them to get the bar end hardware mounted. This has caused the bars to flex in response to the handguards, producing the weird steering issues. After cleaning up after a ride today, I had them apart when it dawned on me, so I bent the Cycras to line up with the clamp mounts and the bar end without having to flex them to fit. Hopefully, this will fix my problem. I did a quick little ride around the neigborhood and it felt like there was a drastic improvement, so we'll see. Unfortunately, I didn't have my shock's rebound damping set quite right and the rear of the bike smacked me in the keister on some whoops and I compressed my lower back. I'm a little "S" shaped right now and am living on a hot pad, but hopefully another trip to the Chiropractor and some Motrin therapy will make me right as rain. Anyway, I just thought I'd share my little discovery with y'all just to see if anyone might have some more insight on this...SC

That might be just the ticket, many thanks! I'm gonna tweak the parts I have for now, and see if I can get them to work, but if not, those look like the way to go...SC

I'm impressed that you got the Cycras on without bending them in the first place :banghead: . Geez, how much do you bench?


I got 'em on mine with the stock triple clamp, Henry/Reed ProTapers, and 7/8 to 1-1/8 riser/adapters.

Ya... it was tight :banghead:

I haven't lifted since my last kid was born, I can barely do 50 pushups without puking. I think it's kind of like that instance where the soccer mom lifts the wrecked car off of her kid in a moment of shear panic. I just got pissed and didn't know that I shouldn't be able to do it...or something silly like that...SC

I run Cycra Pro Bends. They don't attach to the forks. The are the best guards I have ever run. And I have ran many different types.

I would never attach hand guards to my forks. When I crash and I do, I want my guards to protect my levers. But I also want them to give a little so they don't tweak my handlebars. I make sure that my levers are tight but loose enough that they will rotate if hit hard.

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