99 WR400 carb upgrade to 2000 carb ???

Has anyone changed/upgraded from the old style Keihin FCR39 on a 99 WR/YZ400 to a 2000 or newer Keihin FCR39. If so what was involved? Throttle sensor plug in and work in the 99 harness? Any other issues?

Thanks in advance!

Should be a direct swap as far as the carb goes. But, you'll have to plug the fitting on the head that the stock 99 hot start goes to, because the newer carb has the hot start on the carb. You could also use a CRF carb, I don't think they have a TPS and, if I remember right, there's a little performance in there. Where is Tryce when we need him?

post y2k fcr wr carbs are better,

at least the throttle slide doesnt break.


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