Applied triple hits dampner mount?

I just got new upper and lower applied triple's for the pig. Problem is that the bolt heads that bolt the bar perch onto the upper clamp hit the clamp on scotts mount, forward positioned mount. Has anyone else had this problem? I used to run a BRP upper and the clamp cleared, just barely but it cleared.

So now I have to either grind the bolt heads on the bottom of the upper clamp, or grind the dampner clamp mount, or use extra steering stem washers to space up the upper triple clamp to clear the dampner mount. Seem kind of rediculous for $400 clamp set don't you think?

Also the dampner mount that they sent me does not work for the forward mount, it is only cut away to accomidate the rearward mounting dampner. :banghead:

I'm not sure I understand all of that but I sure would not take the grinder to anything. The actual Scotts Dampner only mounts in one direction. The arm under the dampner needs to be pulled and reversed for the forward vrs rear anchor mount options. There are different arm configurations for diff applications.

You need to get on the phone and explain situation and get the correct parts. I have always bought the upper clamp and all hard parts from Scotts and never had any problems. I regularly switch damper and anchor arms between forward mount XR650R and rear mount 2-strokes.

I know exactly what you're talking about. I removed the bolts and filed them down about 1/8th of an inch and it's all good now. :banghead:

I have both the Scott's upper tripple clamp and the Applied triple clamp that I am about to convert to fit the Scott's mount. The most important thing is the arm shaft is centered over the steering stem for the Scott's to work. As far as I know the Applied lets that happen. I haven't gotten that far till I get the forward mount arm and the steering stem post frame mount. I am real tired of the oil filler post mount.

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