WER damper installation Photos

G'day All,

If anyone has a WER steering damper installed on their WR450, please could you send me some photos of the installation. In particular, I am interested in seeing how the actuator arm passes through the headlight shroud, and also how the U shaped bracket, mounts onto the steering head.

My email is spammer@optusnet.com.au (yes, it is a fair dinkum email address)




i would not reccomend that you use that u-shaped bracket,you must drill through the oil reservoir part of the frame to use it. i made up a bracket from 3/4" angle iron and tig welded it to the frame(be sure to disconnect the CDI) as far as the headlight shroud you must cut some of it away. its a good unit and worth the extra effort, i like it because its action is hardly noticeable,but very much there at speed. i'd describe it as a "damper for people who don't like dampers" :banghead:

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