110 rear O.K. or too small?

I am just wondering what opinions others have regarding the 110 (stock) rear tire size. Is this still the size preference when replacing the stock Dunlops? In know some like the monster 140+ Teraflex but I want to avoid a big heavy tire with the handling/ turning issues that it presents. For general off-road, singletrack and fire road, what would you suggest?

Thanks for your opinions,

Adam :banghead:

Some tire manufacturers run smaller than others. Like for instance, dunlop 110's will be fine for the bike and a 120 dunlop might even rub. However, a 110 maxxis was like a pizza cutter on my 650. I use a 120 in maxxis tires and they work great. I highly reccomend the Maxxis MaxxCross IT, 120/100/18 for our bikes. Pirelli tires run true to the size also. I've heard Michelins run smaller than average also.

I'm also happy with a 120/100/18 tire on my 650R.

Thanks guys. Actually Tim, it is the Maxxis that I am considering next so your response helps me a great deal. Do you run the Maxxis on the front as well?

i have been hearing rave reviews on the Maxxis IT. Just ordered mine(120/100/18) and i'm going to try it out for this weekend's ride. Hopefully it will be better then my last dunlop. Is it me, or does a tire last about two tanks of gas with these bikes?

Dunlops, particularly the 756 hook well but wear like crap. The maxxis IT's are great. Good wear, very little chunking and they HOOK. Sand is the only demise for these tires. Don't get me wrong it still hooks(if you get the 120) but it's strong point is in anything else. Wait till you get to some loam or hardpacked hills with rocks strewn about. That's where this tire really shines. I do not have a maxxis on the front, yet. However, several people I know due and they stick to the ground like glue.

I have the Maxxis 120-100-18 and it is great, ask my buddies on their 450eees their chests hurt................ :banghead:

Watch out for the Maxxis IT front. The word is they stink. The Maxxis SI front gets the praise.

Also look for the Maxxis IT desert version rear. Has taller knobs.

Good looking out natblazer. I was weary of an int. front tire. If you are strictly offroad and not in overly hardpack conditions the Dunlop 756 front can't be beat. That sucker sticks. I'm currently running a Pirelli MT-18HD and it works good. It's definitely H.D. and hasn't given me trouble yet.

I've got a 110/100-18 and i love it, i think skinnier tire's are alot better for dirt, same with 4 wheeling in a truck, but it depends what terrain u ride.

In no way can I see a skinny tire benefiting a 650R. Maybe for cornering but that's it. It will just dig and spin in the soft stuff and slide in the hard stuff. Some 110's are fine like I said but the maxxis was a pizza cutter in a 110 carcass. The 120 proved much better, IMO, for that brand.

I allso have good results with the Maxxis IT 120, great wear and the knobs stay on very well for the torque that their subjected to. Only bad point is I have to run the rear wheel back to clear the mud flap in front, bike turns slower or seems to.

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