What vin # in 2002 for updated clutch bushing?

Does anyone know when the new updated clutch bushings were used, maybe by vin number?

I called Xr's only and they told me to replace mine even if it were a 2002. Apparently they've seen some 02's w/ leftover 00' and 01' parts. Better safe than sorry. You could pull yours out and inspect it to make sure it's the updated one. Check here for the pic under clutch upgrades....Pig Pen

If you've got a 2002, then you should have the newer bushing. If you're that worried, then I'd suggest buying a new clutch lock nut and removing your clutch / bushing to take a peek, but chances are you have the new style bushing. The only place that will have the VIN breakdown is Honda and all I can say is good luck getting help from them.

I think I will just order a nut, o-ring and bush with my next oil filter order, anyone remember the socket size when you had it apart (big clutch nut) ?

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