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Shim Swaping

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I was wondering if any one would like to participate in a shim swapping program. Because the cost of shims is so much why couldn't we trade for the shims that we need? We could post the shims that you need and the ones that you have and find a match for some one who needs shims as well.

This would work with a lot of different bikes and I think that there would be a great deal of guys needing shims to make it work.

I guess that the idea of buying shims for $7.00 each is really bad and buying a shim kit is a better deal but I just recently had to shim my intake and exhaust and if i purchased a kit it would not even have all the shims that i needed. So my parts store would have had to sell me two kits. that would be really bad at $89.00 each.

I think that this swapping idea would work but I also think that you should have to pay to be part of the swapping thread to keep people honest. I would be willing to purchase a $20.00 fender sticker to be part of the group to trade $7.00 shims. I don't think that people would pay $20.00 to steal $7.00.

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