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Reflective heat tape on new Clarke tank?

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I’m confused about Summers Racing Components (SRC) reflective heat tape installation instructions. I was about to just slap the reflective heat tape on the underside of my brand new 3.9 gallon Clarke tank when of all things I read the installation instructions.

They tell you to clean the tank first with soap and water then with alcohol. No problem there.

But then they say:

“Some fuels will leach through the gas tank and weaken the adhesive on the tape. If this occurs or you expect it to occur, it can be prevented by painting the underside of the tank with epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is impervious to most chemicals.”

Has any body had a problem with this tape sticking to plastic tanks?

I thought all plastic tanks will leach gas through the gas tank and that’s why graphics always bubble. Anybody paint there tanks with epoxy paint?

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