06' yz450f

Well I put my money down on the new 2006 yzf 450 special edition (yellow and black) yesterday, it's mine, all mine!


I'm jealous. If you need help breaking it in.........................


I put money down in mid-july on a yellow one also. Hope to have it in November. Hear any delivery dates yet? Heard they should be two weeks after the 250f's called a dealer today and still no word on the 250f's on the east coast. :banghead:

the wait really sucks... i see all these new bikes at the track, like today a 06 KXF...punks, all of them :banghead:

We are getting the 250F on Weds the 12th. 450 a few weeks later.

I have both sitting on the floor in yellow (Dealer Demos only) and they are sweet. Cant wait to ride one (these have no CDI, just for show).

I ran into a guy today (an owner of a nearby track) and he's been waiting on his new 06 KX450 for over a month now. I tried to talk him into just buying one that is already out, since he came from a CRF450 (sold it quite awhile back, waiting for the KXF) I tried to get him to go that route again rather than wait....I'm glad I didn't wait for the alum frame YZ, I would have missed out on a TON of great riding!!!

Sounds like Geno. Are you in Corpus? I am getting the first yellow 450 here according to Bob. I'm going from red to blue(yellow) this year. We will be out at DD tomorrow. Come say hi. 2005 CRF 450 #12

Yeah, that was Geno! We spent the day yesterday at DD, and there were only two other parties out there. With the four riders in my family, there were only 7 bikes there yesterday. It was like having a private track for the most part. My 6 year old graduated from the pw50 up to the pw80. She did awesome and only wrecked once on the big track. We'll see you around at some point I'm sure!

I have paid my dues on the 02 426, 03 450, 04 450, 05 450 I should have bought a Honda in 02 03 04 05 but I did not, they should give me an 06 my nams aint Reed.

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