FMF factory 4 and powerbomb header???

So i put a FMF factory 4 exhaust and mid pipe on my bike and my local dealer ordered me a powerbomb header and they told me it will fit but it turns out the two pipes, the mid pipe and header don't go together very well it only slides on about 1/4". :banghead: So do any of you guys know if they are able to go together or did i just get a lemon from FMF. Thanks

I've got that setup and it fits great and runs great. I started with everything very loosely mounted and then snugged it in and no problems at all.

Mine was tight too. I bent the tabs on the mid pipe out just a little bit and it slid right together.

Is it an issue with the header and pipe fitting too tightly to slide any farther together, or is it that the header seems not to be long enough?

In the first case, a penetrating oil spray designed to use on automotive exhaust dampers may help.

In the latter, try pushing the mid pipe as far forward as possible, loosen the header at the head, and try to reposition the header so that the end moves farther back. Using a new gasket will help. My Ti4, which is basically identical, fits fine.

I had the same problem with my Ti set up. Just bend the tabs on the header out a bit...I used a little WD40 as'll burn off when you start it...and the clamp pulled the tabs back into position when I tightend it all down.

I went to my dealer and showed them what the problem was since the pipes didn't slide together far enough they told me to keep working it in and out and it will go together and when i got home i ended up using a rubber mallet to finally get them together so i guess its designed to be tight since there is no gasket. Thanks

same pipe set up .......... is it just me, or does the muffler really stick out a long long way (this is the 14" inch muffler, not the 16") but it still is really out there. Almost as much as the stock muffler. Any ideas on shortening up this set-up ? or just live with it ? :crazy:

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