Gas Tax for off-road use?

I saw something about a year ago on, I believe TLC and they were talking about how much gas is used for off-road purposes only. It was in the millions of $'s. The government pocketed lots of dough off of federal road tax. That gas tax is a road tax for maintenance and such. I remember hearing that somewhere in the mid-west people lobbied and somehow got the federal government to take money and I guess, re-pay by designating alot of land to ride and maintaining it for off-roaders? I was wondering if anyone else heard this and had any additional info? Paying tax on fuel that is not used on the road sux. Here in SC you can by non-taxed diesel for farm equiptment but not gas. I know there are bigger things to B* :banghead: *ch about but $ is $ :banghead:

you are able to write off the amount you spend on gas-tax (the tax portion only) for gasoline that is used for off road use every year on your federal income tax return. You have to go through a lot of off road gas to make it worthwhile as it's not a tax credit but a tax deduction.

Boaters have a better shot at gaining something back than a small 450cc four stroke.

Yeah, I'm sure, I'm not worried about getting any money back but I sure would love to be able to ride on some decient trails on land designated for us.

That's it, The Blue Ribbon Coalition is your fighting chance to keep trails and ATV areas open.

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