Edelbrock Q.S. questions.

I just installed my Q.S. on my 2002 L and was wondering, what size needle and how many clicks do you use? I am having to turn the idle way up and give it five shots of gas just to get it started, :banghead: then turn the idle down as the bike warms up. (The mornings haven't even gotten really cold yet and I will be driving it year round so this is kinda important.) I am using the stock needle and the recommended number of clicks. So I ask the knowledgeable experts at Thumpertalk for help.

well a plug check would be a good thing to do. for the hard starting, sounds like your a little lean, if you read the instruction book you got with the carb, it will have a lot of helpful hints to getting your bike to run right. Oh and dont adjust your accerator pump b just reving it while turning the screw, the bike has to have a load on it to get accurate results. With the engine work I have now, I still have the 16E needle in there, all the way to the richestest. Dont know what iam at for the acc. pump settings. For stock exhaust and air box/filter, might wanna try the 15E. Good luck.


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