04 450 where should I start??

when I let off the throttle in any position its backfires (pops) like crazy more so when WOT and also when I'm just holding the throttle steady in the same position its seams to cut out alittle every now and then. I just checked my valves and there all in spec.I have a fmf t4 and powerbomb header and some mild head work done. I've been reading on here about jetting and to check the mid pipe for an exhaust leak,it seems to be worse now than its getting colder out.

As for jetting I have no clue what it is right now, nor do I know anything about jetting, only had the carb apart to clean it when the float stuck. I also don't have a clue what my altitude is, so tomorrow ill be going at it and see what jets are in there now and i guess i will go from there and hopefully get some valuable info from all you TT'rs.


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