Have anyone fitted the W.E.R steering damper?


I ride a '05 WR450F.

Have any of you fitted the W.E.R. steering damper? :banghead: I believe it to be a Ausie product. Seems to be half the price of a Scott's Damper. And with the Scott's I have to do a away with my brand new Renthal Bars and Triple clamp :banghead:

Or maybe any other suggestions on which steering damper to go for for us financially deprived riders.


I have one here ready to fit to my girly's bike.

They get pretty great reviews and don't feel "muddy" like some others do.

From what I have seen, Scott's damper sets the standard. That could just be marketing too.

WER has no free return to center.

setting it apart....and WAY below a scotts IMHO

hi howzit goin yeah i have a wer damper on my o3 wrf 450,i think they r made in the us by steve hatch?i find it very gd as ive had wrist problems and it takes the sting out of any sudden deflections,on the wr u have to pop rivet the bracket onto steering stem,make sure u get it reeeaal tight,i ended up gluing it on as well so it wouldnt work loose. :banghead:

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