2001 WR426F Clutch Push Rod Removal

Hey all,

Got a problem here. I busted the spring that puts tension on the clutch Push Rod. :banghead:

Ok, so got new spring...but I can't get the Push rod out. I of course have removed the Bolt that holds the Seat plate down. The push rod comes up about 1/4" very easily, then stops dead.

How do I get this thing out? :banghead:




The Yamaha manual just says "remove push rod" I can't figure what it's sticking on.

Any ideas? I'm am due to head to Moab for 4 days tomorrow.

Grab it with a pair of needle nose. It is a tight fit and some times can get hung up if you don't pull it out straight.

as far i can see at the manual you need to remove the pressure plate.

Yep you have to remove pressure plate as the top of the rod has a removable cup with a lip on it that seats on the inside of the plate it looks a bit like a top hat cheers Steve

Oh yeh gota have the pressue plate off.

kranswall - I thought you had the pressue plate off already. Sorry for the miss info. :banghead: My bad. Once the pressue plate is off the push rod (rod that goes through the case) comes right out then you can take out the push lever (what you are calling the push lever).


Remove pressue plate.

Remove push rod

Remove Push lever (what you are calling the push rod)

I'll give it another shot tomorrow, though I have tried pliers.


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