Bike transportation

I just bought a 99 WR 400 on Ebay. Sounds great and I'm excited. Does anyone have an idea on a company to use to transport the bike from the east coast to the west coast? I'm new to this sort of thing and would appreciate any experience any one has with transporting.

yeh, send some one else out there and you'll get back a brand new pw 50! ha! na, we used to transport RV's from any part of the country, call a local rv dealer , they might know of a service.btw, hope ya like yer wr, i got a 2001 wr 426 8 weeks ago....i'm in love

NH Kevin used Forward Air Cargo(I think) to have his bike shipped from New Hampshire to Denver for the Moab trip in '00. My bike was shipped via Dawson Transportation from Ohio to Los Angeles - I bought it new from Competetion Accessories. I think there are ads for MC transportation in American Motorcyclist (AMA mag) or you could check Hemmings Motor News.


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