wheel swap?

I posted this in the DRZ forum also. I'm hurting for an answer so I felt the need to ask you yammie guys also. Thanks.

I have a DRZ 400 AND a wr400f. The wr has a spooged motor, and the drz has a thrown wheel bearing. Will a wr rear wheel fit a drz? the hubs look a "little" different, but the brakes look the same. I'm trying to figure this out before I attempt it so I'll know if I'm riding out of here tomorrow after work or........ NOT. Thanks in advance, this place rocks!

Yes I did a search, but "DRZ WR WHEEL SPECS" yields a whole array of results that aren't related.

Try to mount the WR wheel to the DRZ and tell us what happened. I think the brake rotor on the WR may not fit into the DRZ caliper. It will be easy to see when you have it on the bike stand.

I have a pair of KTM pre-'03 wheels in my 04 WR450. I had to machine the spacers, put a 950 Adventure disk on the rear and fit an oversized brake caliper in the front.

I looked into this pretty good and didnt find anything on DRZ wheels.

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