XR 650R Crotch Rocket?

Xr R = Dirt!!!

I understand that you are oposed to putting double NOS on a geo, but what do you have against spuermoto??? Have you ever ridden anything besides you XL650???

ive ridden many bikes.....yz450, cr250, drz400, ttr225, ttr125, ktm 65, harley davidson heritage softail, pw 50, kdx 200, etc. and its XR650, not xl.

I would rather have a 89/90 ? GB 500. for that ...looks like a 50's norton 500 single. That 'road race' 650 has a intresting pipe set up ? Doesn't look like that one gets muddy?

i don't know about that bike. but my buddy dyno'ed a highly modifyed xr650 and it had 95 foot pounds of torque. thats more than any 600 crotch rocket. so it would most likly kill on off the line of a drag race. and maybe win but i don't know. :banghead:

Leave it to the Japanese to screw up a perfectly good dirt bike. It appears that rice-boy has too much time on his hands. What next, a CBR desert racer?

Yeah! Or perhaps a new form of racing series using TZ or Aprillia roadracing bikes on motocross tracks! :banghead:

Sheesh, you guys, haven't any of you heard of Supermoto, either?

That XR650 is dressed to KILL! I hope mine is as kewl when I'm finished. That's a sweetheart. :banghead:

XR's - they're not just for dirt anymore... :banghead:



I think they've heard of it. I'm just gathering they're not big fans!

And GoldWings are not just for the street anymore! :banghead:

Sheesh, you guys, haven't any of you heard of Supermoto, either? XR's - they're not just for dirt anymore... Best,FJT

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