Main & Pilot jets for XR650L

Hence the reason why I said a dirt bike shop or mom and pop place. You dont get too many big honda dealers digging into a carb on a dirt bike. Anyway, on the pilot, there is a long and a short. It doesnt matter which one you use. The stock will be a short. Your going the right direction though. Take them out and with you next time. Hell I took my whole carb with me when I did it.

Look up Daves Carb Mods on for the instructions to this whole thing. He is spot on with his mods.


goblin, where did you get the 22 series number? i'm more inclined to believe someone here than i am some parts-weenie after my recent experience. are you sure that is a valid number? did you order any in that series? did they fit?

did you pull the jets and then simply look at the catalog?

The guy that answers the phone and email knows what he's talking about. Thats pretty much all they do are jets for the most part.

I was asking about the pilot jet on my 83' XR500. All he asked was what type of carb? Told him PH. He's says, what size? I say 58 or 60. He says, you'll have to see a dealer for that on, its the series XX jet and its only available to 52. And he knew that off the top of his head and he's right. And I called a dealer, found the jet and they wanted 15 bucks for it. :banghead:

15 bucks for a pilot jet? What, are you high or something? I dont need it that bad...I just raised the float level tad and its close enough :banghead:

Just check out the links I left in the earlier post. They give you really nice pictures. If your jets dont look exactly like whats on the page, youve got some wierd jets. But check the Main jet page too before you give up. I found that the PAJ on the FCR of my CRF was the same jet as the leak jet in the bowl and unlike the PAJ of the FCR on my YZF.

Shawn, no, i havent pulled them, my bike is stored quite a distance from where i live, and i only get there on weekends, i was trying to get a few on-hand before i drove all the way out there is all. I didn't think it would be such a difficult feat to dig up a few jets. Stupid me. :banghead::lol:

I'm going to pull them tomorrow and compare them with the info you passed along, then get on the horn and order a few. Only bad part is, it will then be at least another week before i can install them and get this thing dialed in more. :lol:

Hell, it may well be snowing here by then...

does anyone make a ski to replace the front tire on an L? :banghead:

sorry i didnt get back sooner but yes the series 22 is the right one. Series 21 is for a smaller carb. Got the info from local yam. shop where i ordered them from.

goblin 127,

This may well be a moot point as ill see them tomorrow, but i hear there is a "long" and "short" version of the pilot jet (See Dave's Mods on modifying the splash baffle) I am wondering, after seeing your post that it is a Series 22, and Sudco told me it was a Series 26. I then compared those two models on Sudco's cut sheets. they look surprisingly similar, threads are in the right spot and all, but the 22 appears longer... Is it possible that the Series 22 is the long version, and the 26 is the short version? did you have to modify your baffle with the #22 to give it clearance?

If i ever find out a correct answer on this stuff, i think i may patent it.

No mods,and they fit and work fine. I could not find the right length either .Slosh baffle fit with out any mods to it . been running great for 3000 mi since. With the stock exaust I ran a 55 pilot then up to a 58 with the full XRs only oval pipe. Oh and a 160 main. 158 main with stock pipe.

Let us know when you get it all done!

My truck dropped it's transmission, So i cant elaborate on the jetting search fiasco. I never made it to where i store my bike. The $1400 to get my truck driveable again pretty much evaporated any near-future tweaking on my bike for an unknown length of time. I STILL don't know what is physically in my bike for main/pilot for jets, i may not know for a few weeks. By the time i know, it will be to late to change/mess with them as it will more than likely be too damn cold here to ride, or just outright snowing. This whole situation went from exciting, to irritating, to depressing.

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