WR426 in Baja... Help Please

Going to Baja in Feb and I'm more than concerned that I'm going to want a higher top end. Right now I'm running 14/50 and I feel like my top end is around 55mph with very high rpm. Does anyone have any experience in changing the gearing to get a higher top end? I would like to be able to cruise at 70+ for long periods of time. Can this be done with the 426 or no? Any information would be very appreciated.

Sounds like you guy's are going to do long strait roads

If your going to San Felipe 15/48

Around Mikes sky ranch 15/50 or maybe even 15/48.

The pacific side (Ensenada) 14/50.

I would just stick to 15/50 that would give you a fair chunk of

top end. keep in mind that there are hills, long deserts, goat trails,

etc etc out there you want to enjoy all with out sacrificing to much

low end.

Where exactly are you guy's going?

Thanks for the post. I don't know exactly yet but San Felipe has come up. With the 15/50 I feel like I'm going to melt the motor at such a high rpm. I know we'll hit a mixture of the terrain you've listed but I just want to make sure I don't get dusted on the main roads or beaches. What would work best for a higher top speed?

15/48 for High speeds, If you find a 16/46 set up you be using what the big guns run down there.:banghead:

I've never had top end trouble with the stock setup, I've brought it up to 90+, then the revelimiter kicks in. But cruises fine at 70-75....

Wow--seems like my 03 WR 450, completely stock, tops out at no more than 60 mph. I don't have a speedo, but I was at a dry lake bed last weekend, full open throttle 6th gear--and I'm sure I was not doing anything close to 90. Once I get the mods done, as I've said before, maybe that will change--I hope!!!

last weekend, full open throttle 6th gear--and I'm sure I was not doing anything close to 90.

6th gear??????????? hook me up. where did you find a 6 speed wr450? :banghead:

i would also say 15/50. unless your an expert/pro you wont need any more then that. also 15/50 can still be ridden over tight stuff. it just sucks.

I also ride in Baja and found that a 14/47 setup gives you enough topend so that you aren't killing your motor on the long stuff and still gives good performance in the mountains on the single tracks. You can cruise at 70mph just fine.

I have a WR426 bored to a 444 with cams and head work. I run a 14/45 for the long straight stuff and top out at 102mph. But with my stock motor I found that I got the hightest top speed with a 14/47. A 14/46 was too much gear and a 14/48 was not enough. With the stock motor and a 14/48 I topped out at 93mph. I have a speedo and have played with gearing way too much but finally have the right setup.

Baja Single track only -14/48

Baja Race course -14/45

Combination of the two -14/47

All good information, thank you. I'm a little slow so could someone explain the differences I would see between a 16/47 and 14/47?

Can you even fit a 16 tooth on the front???

16/47 - Very tall gearing, top speed if your motor could pull it would be about 107.5mph

14/47 - Good for your stock motor in Baja, any taller and your motor will bog in 5th. Top Speed - 96mph

Go with the 14/47 for all around Baja stuff.

Where are you going in Baja in Feb?

stock gearing is good for 93MPH on my trail tech speedo....all the free mods and rejetted appropriately....

15/50 would be your cheapest bet.

It does make a big difference to the spacing of the gears and higher top speed.

I would try this first, if not enough, get a 48 rear and a new chain to go with the 15 front.

I just got back from Baja last nite. I have a WR 450 and ran 15/50 and could cruise all day at 75-80 mph on the highways. Two of the guys with us have 426's and ran the same gearing and had noooo problem keeping up. The stock gearing is definately too low for the San Felipe area. If you'll be doing any highway riding for extended periods definately gear tall. Whatever you do have fun and be smart down there!!!

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