Wanted: Bars higher and farther forward!

clear your PM's oldbones......


Hey, I'm still here!

Hey OLDBONES... great to see that you didn't get "gassed" by the powers that be... I've looked around and have only found risers that go strait up from the TC, not the ones that go forward like you have... Maybe you could PM the website to me, that way "They :thumbsup: " wouldn't block IT!!!!


w w w . bar risers online . com

No spaces.

Appreciate the support oldbones, but the admins slapped me on the wrist since I suggested my product to a member in need. This is spamming and they don't tolerate that.

Lately I haven't posted much else since I've been so busy, but I try to post and help others with other non-riser issues where I can, but the admin looked at some of my posts and quite a few were regarding risers, so he erased almost all of my posts back to a certain date and gave me a final warning.

The word of mouth is great, but their advertisers who pay for banners get ticked when they see soliciting on the forums. I just don't sell enough risers to justify the cost of putting up a banner that is one of many being randomly selected.

It's a shame really, because I sell 7/8 universal risers and 7/8 & fatbar forward risers, which I don't believe the TT store sells.

They just have fatbar adapters, which also raise the bar. But these are not in big demand. The #1 riser people want is the 7/8 Forward riser. Being that I am in Canada and TT is in the US, it would be tought to work out a way to sell them through the TT store, and honestly I am ok with my own website and shipping them direct. It's easier to monitor.

The cost would jump quite a bit as I'd have to get fancy packaging so they could resell them. I just pack them nicely for shipping since it all goes in the garbage once they get to your garage! :thumbsup:

Maybe TT will see that one day, maybe not?

No offense, but my intention was not really to support you, or necessarily even your product. My intention was to help guys that love their WR but want to make it better find a way to do just that.

I fought a bike with ergonomics that didn't fit me for 3 years before I found a set of risers that fixed the problem. Since then, my riding has improved, and my enjoyment has improved also. I'm in a better position to control the bike, and I'm not hunched over killing my back.

I'm not trying to help you or screw TT or their other advertisers. Just trying to help my fellow riders have as much fun as I am!

No matter whats said the TT crew is still being dickheads about this.

What a bunch of paranoid jerks.

I hear ya, word of mouth is great. But it just can't come from me, that's all.

Glad you enjoy your mod!

Jeez Eric, Careful! You're gonna get us all thrown out of the pool!

Nice work guys... I appreciate the help as I find myself riding too far back on the seat to be comfortable.... I will be getting some soon, Now that I KNOW where to get them... I tried GOOGLeing every combination and could not come close!!!!

Thanks again!

Jamie :thumbsup::ride::applause:

No matter whats said the TT crew is still being dickheads about this.

What a bunch of paranoid jerks.

He has a point with this.....the Brians forget that it wasn't their ads that made Thumpertalk, it was their users. The ads might pay the bills, but the users are the reason people want to post the ads. If they push too hard, people will begin to go elsewhere, then where will they be?

For what it's worth, I've got a 7/8ths set that I took off my old DR350. I'm no longer using them on the WR...so if anyone needs a pair, send an email.


This is exactly the set up I'm using too. My WR450 is now a totally ridable machine!

I see you've raised your fork legs up some. Was that to stop the front from pushing out so much?

I did that early on to help the front turn better. I read somewhere on here to push em up till the head started to shake, then go back down a little. Seems to make it turn a little better, but not as much difference as these risers made! Seat/Tank swap was also a huge improvement in that department. The stocker really hurt the bike's handling both sitting and standing cause it pushed you too far back on the bike.

very interesting thread

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