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XR400 fork conversion update

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just a little update on the CR500 fork conversion im doing to my XR400. i had brought my stock steering stem and lower triple clamp into the machine shop to have it pressed out and fit into the CR500 lower clamp but there is a problem. the guy said that the steering stem is soo hard to get out that he needs to heat it with a acetylene torch to loosen it and it will most likely melt and destroy the lower dust seal for the lower roller bearing. so knowing this, im gonna have to go out and order a new one before he can put the stem into the CR500 clamps. this really sucks cuz i had a weekend of jump hittin' to do with a buddy, but now thats squashed. anyways, i thought i would share this with you guys and for the people looking for info on the conversion. buy a lower steering stem roller bearing dust seal before doing anything and getting all excited like i did. i hope this helps someone. ride on

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