Black rims I want em bad

Yeah so i want some bling bling black rims like excels,,,how much do u think it will cost me, I also looked in to getting my rims re done by this place,,, can any one shed a lil light on this subject, i would like to reuse my hubs and spokes, i dont mind tring to lace my self and bringing it to the shop for trueing........ :banghead:

take it from someone crowned the "king of bling" rims are cool BUT they don't make you faster and look like hell after you have used them for a few months..

Well, i had my rims anodized and it cost about 65$. And since i had takin everything apart myself i firgured why not have the hubs powdercoated while im waiting on the wheels so i had them done yamaha blue and they came out nice and it only cost me 75$ with a grand total of ~135$ and I got lucky and was able to use the same nipples and spokes, thank god they didnt seize or that would have been another 100$ or more, heres a pic, oh and by the way i laced and trued the wheels myself. its easy it just requires patience.:banghead:



Nice scoot! Looks clean man, clean.

do you guys think you could powdercoat the actual rims themselves. Powdercoat is really strong and would last a long time so it woudl be better than anodizing.

i had some anodized and they looked good, i would recommend it. not sure about powdercoating though

I have heard that the anodized parts tend to fade with the sun after a while. Powder coat doesnt.

Naflash the rims look good thanks for your input!

MAR, i need some 19 in for the rear and 21 for the front. i have a yz426f


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