James Now

I tried to find out how to make James Now for '05 WR450. I can't seem to pull it up. Does anybody have the website for James Now?



Here you go. That'll be $89.95 plus tax & shipping...SC


This is for the airbox side, is there one for the other end of the carb? Like the Power Now Plus?


Not that I'm aware of. I believe the DIY types were invented before they came up with the Plus...SC

I tried to find out how to make James Now for '05 WR450. I can't seem to pull it up. Does anybody have the website for James Now?



The James Now is for '02 and earlier models. I haven't yet crossed someone on TT making it for the '03 and later models (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). It's doable, but it will be a bit more difficult for the '03 + models. If you take the time to make one for your bike, I would look up the AvNow, which from what I have read, might be better than the JamesNow (basically, instead of 1 fin, it has 2 or 3, depending on which version). Again, the AvNow is for '02 and earlier models.

I got a used Power Now (intake side) for my '03 and still haven't installed it, so if you want measurements, I can probably get them for you. I plan to eventually take all the measurements and attempt to make an AvNow for my '03 sometime this winter if time permits.

what do these things do

They give you wings!!!...

Actually, they improve throttle response in the first half of the twist. It isn't drastic, but it's noticeable. I wouldn't consider it until you've got all your other wants and needs covered. Big "Gee Whiz" factor is about it...SC

If the difference is noticeable, for the $2 it costs to make your own, I'd rate it pretty high on the "bang for your buck" scale. However, I won't cut into the bell of my carb to make one. How do the $90 aftermarket ones install? How much harder would it be to make? I haven't researched it in quite some time, so please forgive me if I missed the obvious.

The $90 deals are press fit installation, but they can be removed easily as well. Once inside the bell, they don't move...at least mine hasn't. Also, keep an eye on EBay for these things as they're up for sale all the time. I got mine for around $45 + shipping, though don't expect to find one that cheap, I just got lucky...SC

$45 to $90 reduces the cost effectiveness of this product, so I'd like to try to make one. Should I make a bell to fit inside the carb and then add the plate, or is there another way to do it?

cut the bell., i did, worked fine, use a hacksaw and go slow

when u push it in, there should be slight resistance so it will fit in snug and not move

say, cut 1mm in on each side. and youl be fine

u would need to weld a plate onto a circular fitting,...too much hassle, possible breakage

experiment with it, youl be ok

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