Just cleaned the air filter, greased the lip and put it back in. Not a bit of grease anywhere in the box and the bolt went in on the first twist. NOT A SINGLE CUSS WORD. Truly a miracle.

You're lying - that's impossible. It takes at least 20 minutes to get that screw started!!! :)

Grease? Do you mean bearing grease? I didn't do that when I cleaned my filter. Should I go back and do that...?



2001 WR250F

White Brothers E Series Full exhaust

Panoram computer

Fly bars

jet kit

YZ timing I think (bought used)

Grey wire mod

For whatever reason, the NoToil filters make it really easy to get the bolt started. But I still smear the damn rim grease all over the box getting it down into position.




I brought my bike used and it had a White Bros. filter already in it. I don't know if it's the filter or not but it hasn't ever been an issue getting the bolt started.

And getting grease all over the airbox is not a bad thing. Catches more dirt.


I dont have any problem with starting the bolt with the no toil either. I usally dont grease it, I looked at it and it seams to fit nice and tight on the box face. Hey maybe some saranwrap on the filter untill its in place will help our grease problmes??

I don't use grease at all, I use the pro-seal (like a foam rubber ring) in place of the grease. So far I've had great results with this, and no dirt what so ever gets through. Try it you will like it :) ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

I used to have the same problem with starting that dang filter bolt. The problem's that it's too short--right? Well, my twin air filter has a grommet that seals the hole where the bolt passes through the filter. It was about 10 mm thick. I cut it in half so only the outside part of the grommet still remains. Now it's like a big rubber washer. It still seals the hole but now getting that bolt started is MUCH easier.

Grease the rim of the airbox where the filter matches up when installed......hmmmm.....food for thought?



Y2K WR400FM,Answer top tree w/Accu-Trax clamp,Pro-Tapers(CR-Hi w/ EE handguards),Devol Rad. & frame guards, Guts tall soft foam w/ ballistic cover, 14/52 w/DID VM X-Ring, Kouba-T,Michelin M-12's ft.& rr.,12 oz. flywheel weight, Zip-Ty Racing Link & Shark Fin, Cycra front rotor guard and T.M. Designworks Chain guide, buffer & chain wheels.

YES ! Use grease on the lip of the filter, it will seal sooo much better. That $*## screw IS a real pain in the rear, isn't it??

Tell us more about the Pros-seal-what material is it made out of?

John, yes truly a miracle, and I don't believe a word of it :)

air filters are over rated!between the filter oil,greasing and trying start that stupid bolt.i was going crazy.so i came up with simple solution i just removed airbox and filter and wrapped old dirty sock around back of carb.the best part is if you carry a few zip ties in your pocket and your carb's sock gets dirty.it only takes a few minutes to take off your boot and get clean sock.actual time varies depending on boots rider is wearing and size of his feet.

Don't forget to zip-ty the sock to the sub-frame! I just let my sock dangle from the carb. Works great at low speed, but at wide open it sucked in and stuck the throttle. Have to go repair the neighbor's fence now!


I'll tell you what...I have an '01 DRZ400, along with my '01WR250F, and Suzuki has that damn airbox thing figured out. No tools to get at, goes in from a nice wide side-opining, and clamps in place. No stupid bolt. This WR airbox reminds me of the late 80's Honda CR airboxes. They sucked too.

...and NO, I'm not going to debate the WR v.s. DRZ thing. Just DONT go there.



'01DRZ-E (For Sale)

The only benefit I can figure out that there is for a top-opening airbox is for deep water. It seems that a side opening airbox like a DRZ's or XR's would allow water in if the level is above the bottom of the airbox. The WR/YZ airbox design is a pain sometimes, but I think it has saved my butt in some deep water crossings I've done. I'm reluctant to put a hole in what looks like a drain in the airbox for this reason.

Tell us more about the Pros-seal-what material is it made out of?

Mcarp, I'm not sure of the material, its like a rubber foam type. You have to take the airbox apart to get the rubber foam lined up straight. And you have to clean the metal ring real good so it will stick in place, without peeling off. I've been using it for awhile and it has worked great with no dirt getting through. And no more damn grease :) ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

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