Stress Cracks in Oil Filter Housing?

Changed the oil and filter in brand new xr650r this afternoon (@100 miles). Noticed some small hairline fractures or cracks in housing near lower left hand bolt on the oil filter cover. "Cracks" are on the engine side, not the oil cover housing. I am not even sure they are true cracks, there are about 4 of them and I can see and them feel them with my fingernail. Any thoughs?

Thanks :banghead:

Likely just casting flaws, surface imperfections not cracks.

Likely just casting flaws, surface imperfections not cracks.

Exactly :banghead:

bosshog, take good close look at those marks because they're likely not cracks...hopefully not anyway. Other people have had the same concerns and they usually find these marks to be casting issues.

The problem with casting flaws is that if not taken care of (removed, filed down, ground out, whatever) is that they will often times propagate into actual fatigue cracks.

I see it all the time at work, start grinding into an indication and find bits of slag, or cold lap, or any number of other casting flaws.

Thanks - That is good news!

I noticed the same thing on my 650R when it was new except on the bottom of the case.

Yeah my clutch side looks like hell in some places. NO cracks, just casting marks. We got parts made on a Friday afternoon, LOL. No need to worry though.

Saw this old thread and its relevant to my situation, would you be able to offer opinion please, I have a KLX400 ( green drz ) and it has cracks in oilfilter housing radiationg from centre oil supply hole like spokes, is it casting ? or something more seriuos.


Not a hi stress area, I have had these on a number of XRs and my NX and other bikes never a problem, just casting flashing.

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