06 450

While we all wait to see the 06 450's in the showrooms what kind of prices are any of you getting. The best I have been told thus far is 6600.00 with arrival the end of this month.Trying to get ducks in a row for when they arrive.

$5999 here but $200 for shipping

$5999 here but $200 for shipping
I wonder if any TT'ers have bought from this place? There would be no way they could offer warranty. If you happened to receive a lemon I bet you are S.O.L.. But man those prices are awsome.

A LEMON?!?!?!

Come on man...it's a Yamaha..... :banghead:

It doesn't matter how much you pay for them, the warranty comes from Yamaha....it's not dealer specific.

$6199.00 2006 YZ450F SE A$200 delivery to your nearest airport. $5999 for the blue!

Received in Seattle Washington and flown directly to your nearest airport never enters Canada.

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