wr vs. xr

I'm getting a used bike, but I'm having a hard time deciding between the wr 400/426 or a xr 400. I know this is a Yamaha forum, but I would appreciate some opinions from people who have owned or have ridden both bikes. Thanks.

Jeez--there ain't no comparison!

Well, almost. It depends om what you want to do. (Don't you hate that answer?) If you plan to do JUST trail riding, liesurely paced, maybe slow, through really rough terrain, then get an XR. The maintenance of an XR would probably be a lot easier. If you want to be competitive (race), ride hard, go over woops and jumps with the greatest of ease, push yourself and the bike to the limits, then get a WR. If you want a flat out faster bike, get a WR.

I've got a 99 WR and I've ridden a friend's XR400 for a few hours. At first, I thought it was a dog. Once I figured out how to ride it (rev the heck out of it) I got a lot faster and more comfortable. Not a bad bike, just not a WR. I've now ridden just about the entire range of current "trail bike" offerings: XR, DRZ, 520 EXC, and the WR has, hands down, the best suspension and handling of them all. And the motor is fast and strong, too.

I have ridden both of these bikes, but dont own either one. Without getting hung up on too many details, my opinion lays out like this: The Honda is a lower maintenance trail bike that is neither a good motocrosser or desert bike. Its wheel base is too short for high speed stability. This can be fixed with a steering stabilizer but that will cost you $400-500 bucks. If you want a desert bike go with an XR 650R. Just hang on, that bike has a crapload of power. The XR 400 EXCELLS at tight technical trail riding. The XR 400 will make you feel like you a better rider because its really easy to turn. Its a good beginner bike with potential for growing room and will probably never leave you stranded due to mechanical breakdown.

The Yamaha WR and YZF's are much higher performance bikes. They rev much quicker, have more horsepower, and are better suspended for aggressive riding. They are also more stable at speed because of a longer wheel base than the XR 400. Either Yamaha will loft the front wheel with a twist of the throttle. This is not the case with the XR 400. The Yamahas are probably better for you if you want a bike that you will probably never outgrow, except when its time to buy a KTM. JUST KIDDING guys! I know Im in the BLUE forum right now. The Yamahas will be slightly harder to learn on if you are just starting out because they rev so easily.

The XR is definitely easier to start than both the Yamaha WR and YZF. Im guessing that you will have to spend more $ for the same year to get a Yamaha than the XR 400. Good luck in your search.


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What's up Andy!!!!! It's about time you posted on here! You'll get a ton of info about the bikes here but rmember a lot of the answers may be biased towards the WR since you are on a WR forum but then again the WR will SMOKE a XR400. I totally agree with the top two messages but you probably already know that.



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i own both bikes. a lot of what was said in the top posts is good but after 10 4-strokes here are my 2 cents.

the xr is a nice trail bike in the right conditions. it likes the middle ground, not to tight, not to wide open. it has good power but is heavy and in my opinion doesn't carry it well. it is a lazy bike that you can just sit down and ride. for most east coast type trail riding i would buy the xr 250.

the wr is a good real fast trail bike or racer. it's slightly lighter than the xr and feels it. with the right front tire it will humble the xr in any type of corner, but like the xr real tight woods require you to work harder than you should have to. my wr starts better than my xr particularly when it is cold out or after a crash.the wr likes an aggresive active rider. which is good because you will get serious monkey butt if you stay in the saddle. both bikes seem reliable but the wr takes crashes better. my xr now sits a lot

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